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Editor’s Introduction: Writing “Race” and the Difference It Makes


Race, for Taine, was everything: “the first and richest source of these

master faculties from which historical events take their rise; it was a

“community of blood and intellect which to this day binds its offshoots

together.” Lest we misunderstand the naturallydetermining role of race, Taine concludes that it is “no simple spring but a kind of lake, a deep reservoir wherein other springs have, for a multitude of centuries, dis- charged their several streams.”2

  • Abraham Lincoln returning all the blacks to Africa
  • Race, as a meaningful criterion within the biological sciences, has long been recognized to be a fiction. When we speak of “the white race” or “the black race,” “the Jewish race” or “the Aryan race,” we speak in biological misnomers and, more generally, in metaphors. Nevertheless, our conversations are replete with usages of race which have their sources in the dubious pseudoscience of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Race, in these usages, pretends to be an objective term of classification, when in fact itis a dangerous trope.

Robin Lankoff- Language and Woman’s Place

  • describes the type of language that women typically use, they tend to be overly polite and not very dominant in their speech
  • use hedge phrases like… “kind of” “sort of” and “it seems like” when talking… hedge phrases tend to beat around the bush in a way and can be used to down play a more aggressive statement. For example… if you were to say “it kind of seems like she might not like you” or even “I feel like she might not like you” instead of “she doesn’t like you”
  • Tag questions include statements such as “You’re not going to wear that, are you?” instead of “you should not wear that” 


    Shirley Russell- Grammar, Structure and Style

    Julia Stanley

    • only 26 nouns that demote promiscuous men, women on the other hand have 220
    • Think back to Definitely, Maybe when the daughter says to her father—“I cant believe you smoked, and drank, and was such a slut…but I still love you” This line is funny and catches your attention because the use of the word slut. It would be seen as inappropriate and weird if she had been describing her mother when she says this. The use of the word slut would have been extremely inappropriate but because it was used to describe her father, it has a lighter and more joking feel
    • The language we use sets women up for double standards
    • Often if a woman is not seen as a slut or a bitch, she is seen as a prude
    • The word “bimbo” or phrase “blonde bimbo” is used for a girl who is seen as attractive yet unintelligent
    • Men do not have a demeaning word for someone who is attractive yet unintelligent. Instead the word hunk is used which is normally used in a positive manor. Jock is also used for someone who is attractive and physically fit, yet maybe not very intelligent. Jock is normally seen as a positive term, especially upon other men


      I Found this very sexist blog that almost seems as if it was created to just push people, especially women, over the edge. I find it to be almost comical especially because I do not think he even agrees with what he says. 

      “Victor Pride” blog and his article “How to pick the Right Wife”

      • his use of demeaning language towards woman and his views on their typical roles

      • he claims his name is “Victor Pride”, a very male domineering name


        Sticks and Stones and Words: Women in the Language- Bobbye Persing

        • in her article she urges you to compare the terms “bitch”, “hag” or “tramp” with “rouge” “rake” or “rascal”….personally I have never heard of “rouge” or “rake” as an offensive term for males
        • she also asks you to compare the images of “spinster” and “bachelor”
        • type spinster into google and what image results do you get? What about bachelor? Unfortunately the tv show bachelor has ruined the google search for us, yet still the images of the men participating in the tv show the bachelor are all young and attractive men…when you google search spinster, old “washed up” women appear, also many images of cats come up
        • When women receive mail that is addressed to them as Mrs. Stephen White instead of Ms. Alicia White or even Mrs. Alicia White…WHY? Aren’t we passed that point in time where women had no status other than their husbands? 


          Language and Gender- Jane Sunderland 

          • Women have for so long been defined by their marital status 
      • Sunderland states “He is a stern task master; she is impossible to work for”….women are often times not taken seriously in the business world because many men can not take them seriously as business women. Women are assumed to be uptight bitches when they demand work to be done a certain way
      • She offers up a great point about using traditionally feminine words to describe men as well…so if a woman in the workplace can be called a business man, then a man who stays home while his partner is a work should be called a housewife



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